Best Cuban Breakfast Tips You Will Read This Year

Cuba is a country of colour and beauty. There is an abundance of natural resources, vegetable, and seafood as well as. Different types of people live there. That’s the main reason they have different tasted food expectations.

What is a typical breakfast in Cuba? Typically Cuban people like to have a slice of bread which is eaten with bread, port or other things. and after over the main dish, it needs to have a cup of coffee or Cuban espresso.

Vegetarian or non-vegetarian people make this verity which is awesome. And of course, that’s why you will get different types of food if you visit there.

Not only breakfast, but they have two other major meals in Cuban food habit. I decided to write the experience what I gain after visiting them. Let’s began to know about this.

Cuban Breakfast
Cuban Breakfast

What do people eat for breakfast in Cuba?

A real Cuban will always give priority to butter and toasted bread as their breakfast. But on their celebration days, the festival even in the regular day they have prepared other important food item. Such as Preparada, scrambled eggs, buttered and different types of food with toasted bread.

Pork and food from pork are available there. The sandwich which is made from pork are also available there. Like Italian people, they don’t expect creamy espresso after breakfast. It should be strong there. They believe this strong espresso will motivate them to do more hard work at the day long.

What time is breakfast in Cuba?

Like other nation, breakfast is the early mean in Cuba. They have breakfast before 9:00 PM. But after over the 30 minutes of breakfast, they want to have coffee.

What is the most popular food dish in Cuba?

Seafood, pork, fish, vegetable each thing have enough popularity there. but Comida criolla is the most popular in Cuba which is taken in lunch and dinner.

List of 4 Typical Cuban Breakfast Food Items

Only a colourful breakfast table can be an image of typical Cuban breakfast time. Different types of sandwich, ham, egg, and fruits are the main part of their early meal. Few of that food will be discussed here below.

  • Local Tostada: This is a Latin food which is also prepared in Cuba but on their local way. Because of their people use a different colour of the vegetable, it looks colourful. In order to taste and nutrition, this Tostada is one of the best breakfast food there.
  • Fresh Fruit Bowl: From another uncooked food plate, the fruit bowl is an important dish what is a huge part of Cuban breakfast. Banana, pineapple, strawberry, mango, papaya, and mint leaf are the part of this bowl. After removing the seed and skin fruit they granule then in small piece and mix it up.
  • Cuban breakfast sandwich: Different type of people live in Cuba where some of them are vegetarian and others eat everything. According to people taste Cuban sandwich has two types. Some of those are made with egg and vegetable and bread for vegetarian. Usually, other types of sandwich are prepared with pork, mustard. Fish and other things.
  • Café con Leche: This is not the main dish in Cuban breakfast. This coffee is prepared with the milk what is used in espresso. After having the breakfast people there have a cup of Café con Leche to make it perfect and happy.

Best Restaurant for Cuban Breakfast in Miami

  • Versailles Restaurant: Vegetarian-friendly restaurant. Almost all types of famous Latin, Cuban and American breakfast item are available there. Sandwich and the tres leches are must-try items there.
  • Tinta y Café: Perfect place for the people who are loved to have food in a homely environment. This is one of the best local food stores in Florida. The main attraction of this café is, it has diversity in coffee types.
  • Old’s Havana Cuban Bar & Cocina: This is called one of the best aesthetic décor food café in Miami. This restaurant is all about traditional food, drinks, and cocktails. Its environment, music and the heartwarming people there will make your time brighter.
  • La Carreta: It is one of the old food restaurants who serve traditional Cuban food within cheap price. Salad, sandwich, tostada and other food will be available there.

Meet with “Douglas Rodriguez” the famous chef

Cuban breakfasts are getting updated and change. Behind of this Douglas Rodriguez have a huge contribution. He is a James Beard winner Cuban chef. By born us a USA citizen. But because of his father inspiration, he decided on cooking to develop Cuban.

He mainly studies on Nuevo Latino meal and works on it. at the same time, he wants to make a relation with pure Cuban meal and Nuevo Latino foods.

Douglas is famous there because of Nuevo Latino cuisine. At the same time, he is working as the head chef of many important places in the world like OLA (Manhattan) and Alma De Cuba.On 2019 he won James Beard award.

And so many times on famous international magazines featured their new on him. The way he works is slowly but surely. No chance to deny his contribution to Cuban food nowadays.

Ecuadorian Shrimp Ceviche: This is an invention of Douglas Rodriguez. This recipe is designed with such design where it is tasty and healthy at the same time. Shrimp, tomato, bell pepper, onion, lime juice, and other spice is the main ingredient here.

People can make this item from any corner of the world within a low expense. But according to Douglas Rodriguez, it should avoid on a busy day.


If they go for have a simple Cuban breakfast, they have a sandwich of ham and a cup of coffee. Typically it saves time on their early morning.

Even other food of what they have in their regular life, all of those are easy to make. Interestingly this nation loves food but not want to pay huge time to prepare food. They prefer to do more work, which will develop their lifestyle.