Traditional Caribbean Breakfast culture

People who follow vegetarian food habit will become irritated if he visits the Caribbean area. Because each morning when they come for Caribbean breakfast food table they will discover a fewer item which they can prepare.

Meat and fish are common ingredients to prepare food there. But it does not mean that they don’t have vegetable, egg or milk. Breakfast to dinner they have different types of food by prepared by different things.

In my foodie life, I have the chance to take Caribbean food many times. This is the time to explain all the thing in this article.

The Experts’ Guide to the Best Caribbean Breakfast Culture

You will find the cachet of heartwarming cordiality in the Caribbean food. Different types of fish and flesh of animals made foods will be unforgotten to you. In the Caribbean state there several countries where it has both similarities and distinguishes in food habit. Let me explain their food habit one by one.

Caribbean breakfast
Caribbean breakfast

1. Trinidad Breakfast :

Soup and curry of the crab are considered as the main food in Trinidad. Even people there have this in their breakfast.

One interesting thing is, Trinidad people did not use to have rice in their regular meal. They adapt their rice-eating habit from Indian people.

Nowadays Indian Pelau with lamb is a traditional there. Beside rice-based dish, they have cornmeal and coco made food in breakfast. Cassava, dumplings, sweet potatoes, and dumpling are part of the Trinidad breakfast.

2. Barbados Breakfast :

People from Barbados are athirst to the sauce. Maybe none other nations have that level interest about this ingredient. They just need two or more than two sauce in each meal.

As national food cou-cou, spicy gravy of fried flying fish is felicitated. Besides those in breakfast, they have pudding and different types of seafood. Even people there like most of have pickled food in their breakfast like pork or sweet potato. On another way, they prepare spiced sweet potato for their breakfast.

3. Jamaican Breakfast :

Because of Jamaica have a huge sea resource, they depend on sea mostly for their food. Codfish the main food there which is known as saltfish there. In breakfast, they prefer food or soup of mackerel or codfish. I

saw they also like fried and boiled food. From boiled food, there are boiled banana and dumpling. Even they have fried food in breakfast like fried bammy or dumpling. In the morning of the festival, they also prepare grill fish for their early meal.

4. Haitian Breakfast :

Rice or food what make from rice is not too much famous in Haiti. Meat is the most common food there. Even there is a talk that not only breakfast but also other meal cannot become complete without meat.

Egg, plantains, and cornmeal is the best breakfast combination. Besides those, they have Spaghetti, Plantain Porridge and drinks like cornflour shake. Like other Caribbean nation, they do not have a major preference for seafood. Haitian people have a balanced breakfast habit.

5. Bahamas Breakfast :

During cooking Bahamas people try to avoid spices a lot.  In breakfast, they keep different types of pancake and johnnycake and rum cake is famous for those. Besides those, they have breakfast food like Conch, Souse, Guava Duff and Hot Patty.

At the breakfast table, they keep the sauce, lemon, mint and other vegetables which makes the meal more delighted. Rest of breakfast they often have soup. Moreover, from those soup codfish curry soup are popular there.

6. Dominican Breakfast :

Most of the people say the taste of Dominican food is close to African dishes. Mangu is the most common Dominican food which is served with a fried egg. And of course, the egg should be fried in cheese. You will also find salami, eggs and topped in their breakfast table.

An interesting thing that you will find on their breakfast that is an onion. But they cook those onions in vinegar. A strew which is cooked by rice and chicken is also too famous there for breakfast. There Rum and red wine are also a part in their breakfast table.

7. Puerto Rico Breakfast :

As Puerto Rico is a huge tourist place, they have to prepare food according to the taste and demand of tourist. This is how Puerto Rico breakfast is influenced by different nations. But in the local food, a sweet and eggy pastry which is known as Mallorca is too popular.

They also have different types of sandwich, pancake, ham, egg and other things. And as a suggestion don’t forget to visit café con leche if you go there. This café is famous there for tea and different types of coffee, espresso, and cappuccino.

8. St Lucia breakfast Culture:

Different people maybe hear about “Lussekatts” which is too famous to children because of their delicious look. This is actually a St Lucia breakfast menu. There is an abundance of coffee bean, banana, mango, carrot, cabbage, christophene, and coconut. Because of that abundance, it makes a huge impact on St Lucia breakfast habit.

Often travellers are gossiping that, in each morning beside the sea the fresh air and the fresh Caribbean breakfast make an intimacy. People who never visit there cannot feel the vibe.

The natural beauty and traditional food items will make colourful your days when you visit there. Different Iceland has a few unique food habits there. Those rare experience will give you kind of unexpected satisfaction. Wish you for happy tomorrow.