21 cheap breakfast ideas that are healthy and delicious

Breakfast is the essential meal of a day. A nutritious breakfast provides us not only nutrition but also keeps us energetic.

Healthy breakfast boost metabolism of the body, burns fat, maintain cravings and sugar level, increase the power of memory, and minimize many types of disease. In the other side, when you are skipping your breakfast, it gives your body an adverse reaction.

In our modern life, we all have a busy schedule. Most people skip their breakfast because they think it is not necessary; they are always in a hurry in the morning and think they are saving their money like this. But they forget that they are ignoring the most important thing of their day.

Here are some healthy & cheap breakfast ideas for those people who skip their breakfast for being hurry or for saving money…

List of  21  cheap breakfast ideas that are healthy and delicious

1. Banana pancake:

Banana pancake made with ripe banana, egg, oats, salt, and olive oil. Mix all the ingredients and fry them. You can add honey if you want. It is a healthy and easy breakfast meal.

Banana pancake
Banana pancake

2. Quinoa and kale stir fry:

This meal made of kale, quinoa, black beans, garlic, salt, pepper, eggs, and olive oil. Cook kale, black beans, and quinoa properly. Fry them together. Serve with a poached egg.

3. Spaghetti:

Spaghetti is a usual and easy recipe. Almost everyone can make this. The cooking method of spaghetti always written on its package. You can cook it with veggies/ mushrooms/ eggs/ sausages.


4. Oats:

Oats is one of the healthiest meals for breakfast. You can make it with warm water or milk. Dry fruits and honey make it tastier.

5. Vegetable upma:

Upma is a typical dish in south India, Maharashtra, and Sri Lanka. Generally, Tamil people cook thick porridge from dry roasted coarse rice or semolina or quinoa. They add various types of veggies according to their taste.

6. Egg sandwich:

The egg sandwich is an easy and quick healthy meal. You can make an egg sandwich with fry egg/omelet/ mashed boiled egg. Add different types of leaves like spinach or lettuce, sauce, mayonnaise, cheese to make your meal more healthy and tasty.

7. Tofu Sandwich:

Tofu is a soft white substance made from mashed soya beans. It is also known as bean curd. You can grill or fry tofu and make a sandwich with lettuce/ avocado/ tomato.

Tofu Sandwich
Tofu Sandwich

8. Strawberry and almond sandwich:

Strawberry and almond sandwich is a very quick and tasty sandwich that you can have in your breakfast meal.

9. Omelet:

Egg omelet is an easy and quick breakfast meal. You can cook this with tomato, potato, coriander, chives, onion.

cheap breakfast ideas
Omelet – cheap breakfast ideas

10. Pancake:

Pancake is favourite to all. Take pancake dough and fry them. You can add honey to make it tasty

11. Sunnyside up:

This meal is full of protein and easy to make. Place a poached egg on the top of a bread slice. Fry two pieces of bacon. It is a simple recipe that with provide you energy for a long time.

12. Scrambled eggs:

Just present your eggs as a different way. Scrambled eggs are best when you take it with rice or any filling.

13. Waffle omelet:

Waffle omelet is an excellent choice for waffle lovers. Add all your favourite topping with egg and pour it into the waffle maker.

14. Apple cake:

Apple cake is one of the delicious breakfast items. It is healthy and tasty.

cheap breakfast ideas
Apple cake

15. Grilled ham and cheese sandwich:

This sandwich made with ham and cheese. Do the filling with your favorite cheese and meat. Then cook them.

16. Mini pizza:

It is a pizza that makes on pita bread. You have to cook the dough. Add your topping and cheese. Then bake them.

17. Coconut French toast:

This toast made with eggs, coconut cream, flavor, and bread.

18. Bread pizza:

Bread pizza is an easy and tasty item for breakfast. Bread is an everyday item that can found in every house. One can easily make this pizza for a breakfast meal.

Bread pizza
Bread pizza

19. Shrimp and avocado sandwich:

Fried shrimp and avocado paste is a perfect combo as a breakfast meal. All you have to do is, cook the shrimp, spread avocado paste. You can also add other things according to your taste.

20. Bacon mac and cheese bread cones:

It is a beautiful and delicious recipe. Make cone shape bread and fill it with fried bacon, cooked mac, and cheese.

21. Sausage burger:

Burger lovers should try this recipe. Cut the burger bread in the middle. Add mayonnaise, sauce, lettuce, and fried/ boiled sausage.

Breakfast is the critical meal of the day. Many people skip their breakfast because of their laziness and rush. Everyone needs a quick and easy healthy breakfast. Here, we showed you 21 healthy easy & cheap breakfast ideas that will help you not to skip breakfast.

FAQ: “Healthy & Easy Breakfast”

FAQ 1: What should I eat for breakfast in college?

Nowadays, students rarely take their breakfast. They had a busy schedule. As they skip their breakfast, they have chances to feel hungry most of the day. Here are some easy and quick breakfast ideas that students can have.

  1. Veggies salad
  2. Fruit salad
  3. Oats with fry fruits
  4. Cereal and milk
  5. Sandwich
  6. Egg omelet
  7. Pancakes
  8. Cheese and crackers
  9. Waffles
  10. Muffins

FAQ 2: What is the best breakfast for students?

Students have a hectic life. They always need small amounts of foods with lots of nutrition and protein that they can grab quickly. Like eggs, meat, dry fruits, veggies, almond butter, cheese, oatmeal, milk, etc. These foods will provide energy for a long time.

FAQ 3: What is a healthy breakfast meal?

A healthy breakfast meal is a meal full of nutrition that will provide you energy for a long time and minimize the level of cravings.

FAQ 4: What is the healthiest fast food breakfast?

  1. Egg muffin
  2. Egg sandwich
  3. Soft taco
  4. Veg sandwich
  5. Veg burger
  6. Egg grilled burger
  7. Ham, egg, and a cheese breakfast wrap
  8. Fruit smoothie
  9. Oatmeal bar
  10. Fruit custard