What Does Prime Rib Taste Like?

prime rib tasteWhat is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of holidays? Is it the delicious smell of the perfectly cooked prime rib? I know your mouth has watered immediately. So did mine! The best thing about being carnivores is the ability to enjoy beef. So what is your favorite cut of meat? Have you ever eaten prime rib before? Today, we will take a closer look at what prime rib tastes like and why it is so expensive and special. Without further ado, let’s dive right in, shall we?

What does prime rib taste like?

When you put a piece of prime rib in your mouth, you can’t mistake it for something else. The meat is extremely tender, rich, juicy, and loaded with a high intensity of beef flavor. How magical does that sound? With every bite, you will feel the tenderness of the prime rib along with the perfect balance of fat (marbling) that is the source of moisture and flavor without making it too overwhelming.

Generally, prime ribs are cut from the primal rib section (hence the name) of the animal. The ribeye steak you usually eat is a steak cut from a whole prime rib. Because an entire prime rib is composed of 6 ribs (cut from rib number 6 to 12), it is pretty heavy and can weigh anywhere from 12 to 16 pounds. The tenderness of the meat comes from cow muscle that is not exercised as other parts and so prime rib has the tenderest meat.

One of the other factors that determine how the meat will taste is the age of the animal. Younger cows tend to have more tender meat than older ones. Younger meat will also be full of moisture and flavor. If you love the extra moisture in your meat, you should eat the prime rib that was cooked with the bone in it. Why? Because the bone adds extra moisture and a more scrumptious flavor.

Now, what should be the ideal doneness of prime rib? To make it taste the best, you should cook it to a medium-rare. Don’t overcook it or it will lose its tenderness and become too chewy. To make the mat dance and swirl in your mouth, roast it with the bone in and it will be cooking gently and evenly around the bone area. If you’re down for the most succulent prime rib, make sure it is cooked properly to enjoy the beautiful beefy taste that it is known for.

What is so special about the prime rib?

So what’s all the rave about? Prime rib has a generous amount of marbling and an adequate cap of fat. This allows prime rib to be a rich piece of meat packed with the best kind of flavor. Once you taste the juicy, beefy, succulent true prime rib that is properly cooked, you will understand why is it so special and the high price you pay actually worth every penny.

When you will have the whole prime rib in front of you, don’t forget to observe the meat. You will notice a large “eye” in the center of the meat. It is surrounded by all the perfect marbling that makes the meat extremely delicious. You will not just eat it, you will devour it.

Does prime rib taste like roast beef?

A prime rib roast tastes completely different than a rump roast. As we know, both the prime rib and ribeye come from the primal rib section of a cow. Both have a profound rich flavor. The prime rib has a much more intense and stronger flavor due to the presence of connective tissues, fat, and bones. When a roast beef is made out of a prime rib, then you will notice the texture is completely different than your ribeye steaks.

If perfectly cooked, the prime rib roast will taste incredibly delicious with a great improvement in beefy taste and texture. Typically, a prime rib roast has enough fat that marbles both inside and around the roast. To have the perfect melt-in-the-mouth experience, make sure the cut is taken from the 6-9 ribs. If it is cut from the larger end of the animal, partially your roast may feel a bit tougher.

Does prime rib taste like steak?

Are you comparing the taste of a prime rib with your typical sirloin, T-bone, or porterhouse steaks? Are you wondering, which will taste better? I’m happy to say, the prime rib roast often wins. If you’re a steak enthusiast like me, you will definitely obsess over a tasty ribeye steak or prime rib roast. They are not only super delicious but also juicy, tender, and a fancy, rich version of your typical steak flavor. Once you get a chance to eat a ribeye steak or rib roast, it may get hard for you to eat your usual steaks. How tempting is that!

When you will eat a ribeye steak, you will notice that it has a milder flavor than a roast rib. But, on the plus side, the marbling around the steak will give it a juicy, buttery taste, and smooth cut with your steak knife and, melt-in-the-mouth texture. This is why the roast is cooked for a long time at a lower temperature, and the steak is pan-seared or reverse-seared to achieve its perfection to an even medium-rare.


Dishes made out of prime rib are some of the most mouth-watering food you can possibly. I mean, who doesn’t love a perfect piece of roast or steak, right? If you still haven’t had the experience of tasting it, now is your time to experience the heavenly taste of this meat. Whether you cook it at home by following amazing recipies or order it in a restaurant, make sure to not eat it with too many sides. Just the au jus is enough to take the meat to the next level. You can alao try prime ribs by reheating it. And, that’s my two cents on prime ribs. Bon Appetit!