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6 best pasta machine for polymer clay

Looking to make some pasta for your pasta machine? What is a good pasta machine for polymer clay?

There are many different types of pasta machines available on the market, but how do you choose which one is best for you? The answer is easy: it depends on what type of pasta dough you want to make. 

How to choose the right polymer clay pasta machine

If you are looking for the best pasta machine for polymer clay, there are certain things to consider. Here are some of the best ones that we have found.

Type of pasta it makes: 

If you are going to be making pasta or using this machine to make pasta, it is important that you consider the type of pasta that you want it to make.

You can choose a machine with a wide variety of rollers and thicknesses so that you can get thick, thin, and even regular-sized noodles to suit your needs. Or you can opt for a single type of roller set up which lets you make noodles of one width and thickness only.

How the noodle is rolled out: 

The pasta maker you choose should have attachments that allow you to roll out noodles of different thicknesses and widths.

This will allow you to get as thin or thick a noodle as you desire. You can also look for a pasta maker that has interchangeable cutting attachments which give you the ability to make different shaped noodles like bowties, knots, rings, and more.


The cost of a pasta maker for polymer clay is going to vary depending on the features you are looking for in your machine.

Many pasta makers have similar features, but others have unique features that might make them cost a bit more. It is important to compare prices and assess your budget so that you can select the machine that will work best for you.

Customer reviews: 

Customer reviews are crucial when selecting an appliance for your home. Look through the customer reviews on Amazon or other online stores to get a feel for what people are saying about their pasta maker.

This can help you determine if this is a product worth purchasing given the positive or negative feedback it has been given by previous customers.

Here are some of the best pasta machines for polymer clay.

Product NameLink
1. MARCATO Atlas 150 Pasta Machine Check Price
2. Marcato 8340 Atlas Pasta Dough Roller Check Price
3. The Philips HR2357/05 Pasta Maker Check Price
4. Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Machine Check Price
5. Imperia Pasta Maker Machine Check Price
6. GOURMEX Pasta Maker Check Price

1. MARCATO Atlas 150 Pasta Machine

Material of the blades on a pasta machine is one of the most important features for a polymer clay manufacturer. MARCATO Atlas 150 Pasta Machine blades are stainless steel, whereas other machines may have nickel-plated steel or chrome-plated steel.

In addition to being durable, stainless steel can resist rusting, while nickel-plating provides a surface that will not react with acids present in the dough, making it corrosion-resistant.

Also, it provides an edge to the blade that produces the strongest possible cutting action without the need for special maintenance, such as sharpening or lubrication.

Furthermore, stainless steel blades won’t become brittle from heat exposure and will resist warping while being used even at high heat levels unlike other types of metal blades, which can stiffen and warp.

In most pasta making machines, the crank handle is attached to the motor shaft. This unit magnetically pulls a clamp with plastic handles towards the blade assembly, which cuts the dough into sheets.

This helps cut and roll wide strips of dough without exposing it to too much friction, which could cause it to break apart and become tough. A rubberized handle is also included with this machine that allows for easier handling of the clamp when it needs lubricating or sharpening.

What We Like:

– A great product made from great material.
–  It’s aesthetically pleasing, solidly constructed, and works exactly as advertised.
– Attachments and accessories are easy to find because the machine is popular.
– Provides a smooth cutting action.
– Attractive design which matches the rest of one’s kitchen appliances.
– Cuts dough very cleanly with minimal effort or time required on the user’s part.
– Can be used to make breadsticks and other types of pasta as well.
– Blades are not too sharp so it will not cut you if you have to open the machine because it gets stuck in between sheets of dough.
– Can be used to cut cookie dough as well.
– Can be used with chocolate and other types of clay.
– Sturdily built and can endure years of use despite its light design.
– Hand crank is not included but can be acquired separately.

What We Don’t Like:

– Cleaning options are limited.
– Due to the lever’s size, you must place the machine at the edge of your table to work. I think this is a design flaw.

This is the perfect pasta machine for polymer clay makers. Its price in Amazon is a little bit more than other pasta machines, but it’s worth it because if you’re making an eight-inch wide strip of pasta, you would probably end up using an entire sheet of pasta anyway.

This machine can cut and roll noodles thirty-six inches long and two inches wide, and that’s a lot of dough! So get your hands on this one because you won’t be sorry!

2. Marcato 8340 Atlas Pasta Dough Roller

The Marcato Atlas Pasta Roller is our pick for pasta machines because it’s made in Italy by the company that invented hand pasta making.

This machine is easy to use and features a 150-millimeter roller with a hand crank and instructions, plus 10 thickness settings ranging from paper thin to 4.8 millimeters thick. 

It also includes instructions so you can learn how to make fresh homemade pasta at home, but if you want to cook your noodles immediately after they’ve been rolled out, this machine is equipped with an attachment that lets you attach a Pasta Drive motor which is sold separately. 

Compared to other models on the market, this model has more than double the thickness settings and it comes highly recommended by brands like Cooks Illustrated and Bon Appetit. The price is affordable considering it’s made in Italy, and it comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Cons include the fact that it takes up a lot of space and it can be hard to find at some retailers. This machine is best for beginners who don’t have much experience making pasta or homemade pizza dough, as well as experienced pasta makers looking to make their own noodles from scratch without purchasing an entirely new pasta maker just for home use.

What We Like

– Made in Italy by the company that invented hand pasta making
– Easy to use and features a 150 mm dough roller with a hand crank and instructions
– Includes instructions so you can learn how to make fresh homemade pasta at home
– Easy to operate, simply choose from 10 different thickness settings between paper thin (0.6 mm) to 4.8 mm thick
– Includes a metal clamp for more secure attachment to a work table
– Can attach any of the 12 pasta cutting accessories sold separately, allowing you to customize your pasta for each recipe on the fly (sold separately)
– Includes universal power adapter for easy use and maximum compatibility with different countries worldwide
– 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
-Peels dough into uniform sheets with easy control dial
-12 thickness settings ranging from paper thin to 4.8-millimeter thick
-Includes instructions for making fresh pasta at home

What We Don’t Like:

– A table/bench clamp is not very good for mounting the pasta roller. Hopefully, it could have been better designed.
– Due to the lack of a locking mechanism, the handle for rolling the dough falls off. It should have come with a locking handle.

The Marcato Atlas Pasta Roller is our pick for pasta machines because it’s made in Italy by the company that invented hand pasta making. 

3. The Philips HR2357/05 Pasta Maker

The Philips HR2357/05 Pasta Maker Plus is best for polymer clay because it allows you to make a pound of fresh pasta or noodles within 10 minutes! You can use it to make healthy and worry-free homemade pasta by adding ingredients like egg, spinach, or carrot juice. It is very easy to clean up after use and you can use it with any kind of pasta!

Consumers appreciated this product for the fact that it works really fast, makes great fresh pasta and noodles, is easy to clean and you can even make pasta just the way you want it. They also like the fact that the twist dial makes for precise adjustments of thickness when making noodles.

What We Like:

-The pasta machine is easy to use and clean
-The company offers a good customer support team for any questions or concerns you may have
-You don’t need a pasta rolling pin when you use this machine, thus saving you money
– You can create great pasta and noodles
-This machine is very easy to use and clean
-The company offers a good customer support team for any questions or concerns you may have
-You can use this machine in the kitchen on your counter or countertop

What We Don’t Like:

– Some customers have mentioned that pasta sometimes clogs the roller
-The machine is a little too noisy for some people
-There are a lot of pieces to clean up after using 

Overall, this is one of the best pasta machines for polymer clay that any chef can use. It makes great pasta and noodles and it is very easy to use and clean. The company offers good customer service in case you need some help in using the machine or you have any questions. Anyone would appreciate using this product as it offers a lot of features for a very affordable price.

4. Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Machine

Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Machine is a better choice because it has 9 thickness settings versus just 3 for the other machines. It also includes a motor which you have to purchase separately on top of the price for Makin’s Machine and you have to purchase other motors if you want different thicknesses with either of those two. In comparison, Makin’s features an extra-wide 7-inch clay path; stainless steel materials; and a lightweight design making it convenient for traveling. The table clamp allows for easy positioning while the clay is moving through the roller.

What We Like:

– Non-slip rubber rollers
-Extra-wide 7 inch removable handle
-Dust container included reducing the chance of clogged bearings. -Table clamp for easy positioning. 
– Best machine for polymer clay

What We Dislike: 

– Handle won’t stay in, cheap plastic handle

If you’re interested in making polymer clay sheets or roller stamps this is the right machine for you. It’s a little pricier than the others but if it will save time and frustration in the long run, it’s worth having.

5. Imperia Pasta Maker Machine 

This is the best pasta maker machine for polymer clay due to its ability to make different shapes of noodles with ease. They also have many attachments that can be purchased separately.

They are made in Italy and most of them are made from heavy-duty steel. They have a very solid construction and an easy-to-use crank handle which you can crank to make pasta. The product is made from 100% steel and they have a nice wooden handle which makes them easy to grip and use.

It is easy to crank the handle and it makes different kinds of spaghetti and different types of fettuccini, self-rising flour, and eggs. It has a nice wooden handle to make it easy to grip and use. The product is made in Italy from heavy-duty steel.

What We Like:

– This machine works great for polymer clay
– Very easy to adjust sizes with the dial on the side
– Stainless steel material and a very durable look.
– A perfect pasta sheet can be rolled out using this machine. 

What We Don’t Like:

– If you don’t tighten it enough, the clamp will smack against the handle when you turn it.
– It is difficult to attach spaghetti.

This is a great product that is easy to use and makes different kinds of pasta. It is made from heavy steel and has a solid construction. It works great for polymer clay.

6. GOURMEX Pasta Maker

The GOURMEX Pasta Maker is an affordable pasta maker that works with polymer clay. It is easy to assemble and store. The machine comes with a clamp and removable handle and has seven different thickness settings.

There is also a double cutter head attachment for you to choose your width preference. This pasta maker is compact and has a sleek design which makes it easy to store in small spaces.

What We Like:

- The GOURMEX Pasta Maker is very simple and compact. Since it is made of stainless steel, it is resistant to rust and is washable with a soft cloth. The machine comes with a clamp and removable handle.

- This makes the machine easy to store as it takes a minimal amount of space. The GOURMEX Pasta Maker has seven different thickness settings that allow you to choose how thick or thin your pasta will be when it’s made.

- The GOURMEX Pasta Maker comes with a double cutter head attachment. The machine has three rollers. One is the main roller and the other two are for rolling the dough into different widths. This allows you to choose how wide or thin your pasta will be made.

What We Don’t Like:

- The GOURMEX Pasta Maker is not very durable. While it may be easy to assemble, there were several cases of this pasta maker arriving at customers’ homes with broken parts.

- When comparing it to other pasta makers, the GOURMEX Pasta Maker doesn’t have a lot of options for thickness settings or widths that you can make your dough into.

- The GOURMEX Pasta Maker is an affordable pasta maker that works with polymer clay. The machine is a bit small and doesn’t have a lot of options when it comes to thicknesses.

Bottom Line

While there are many more automatic pasta machines on the market and modern ones can often have more features than those listed above, this article has provided buyers with a basic comparison of the six best pasta machines for polymer clay and we hope that our guide will enable you to make an informed buying decision.

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