At Last, The Secret To Finnish Breakfast Is Revealed

Lots of rivers are surrounded by the country Finland. That’s why it has an abundance of fish and fish is the main food there. Breakfast to dinner, they mainly depend on fish. Besides fish, they have bread, potato, rice, and others. On the breakfast table, Finnish people always expect fresh food.

All most all type of traditional breakfast food is available there in both home and restaurant. Today we are covering all the things about Finnish breakfast item. I hope their food culture will make you loved.

The truth about Finnish breakfast

From my experience, I was getting bored with Finnish breakfast. Because they did not have enough spices traditionally. Then I hear about it from my friends that, they don’t like spice.

But interestingly the breakfast table was looking so colorful because of all the food.

finnish breakfast
Finnish breakfast

What is a traditional Finnish breakfast?

As traditional Finnish breakfast people give priority to bread and salmon. A combination of both things makes food more tasty and healthy. Let me describe a traditional Finnish breakfast table.

  • 5-6 slice of bread which is toasted with egg and sugar
  • Smoked salmon which is well-processed with red onions and blueberry juice.
  • Different types of pancakes. Most of the time it will be cooked with rye.
  • A cup of coffee or juice. But it should be processed on Finnish procedure.

Other things will be founded there. Such as Karelian pasty, Lohikeitto, Salty liquorice or Kalakukko. And after over the meal, they take 3-4 minute time to have a drink like coffee or fruit juice especially berry.

What Makes A Typical Finnish Breakfast?

Most of the breakfast food of this nation are prepared with bread. And bread there are prepared from rye. Rye bread sandwiches and Mykyrokka Is the main example here.

There Lihapiirakka and Sultsina is the main rice item. As salmon fish have a huge priority to local people there, they have gravlax and fish sandwich.

Another famous food is Kaalilaatikko and Rossypottu. To make the ending of the breakfast perfect they have different types of yogurt with are mixed with the juice of different fruits. Often Instead of juice, they have various types of coffee.

Finnish Breakfast
Finnish Breakfast

All the Finnish around the world have used a less amount of spice. Maybe that is the reason you will find roughly the same taste everywhere. Rye bread, yogurt, and coffee is the most common food here.

Without those rice porridge, pea soup, pancake, salmon soup, sausage soup, and macaroni are available there. It maybe sounds like common with other nation’s breakfast food. But they have unique recipe designing.

 List of 7 Finnish breakfast Foods

  • Rye bread sandwiches: A delicious and good looking food to breakfast. As patty of this sandwich, they use to fish, meat or vegetable. Often it can be chocolaty.
  • Puro (porridge): People often get confused between oatmeal and porridge. Both are close to similar. It can cook with various types of fruit or vegetable.
  • Yogurt or quark with berries: both yogurt and quark with berries are close food. But yogurt is fermented food. On others have quark with berries can eat normally or it can eat after making its ice-cream.
  • Coffee: Finnish people don’t like full roasted coffee. Traditionally they want lightly roasted coffee. And most of the time they expect coffee without milk. But random people may have a random taste.
  • Finish cheese: Old cheese lover nation. They have cheese to cook. Even to prepare the burger, sandwich and another similar fast food item they need fresh old finish cheese.
  • Finnish chocolate: Fresh milk and chocolate bar are famous in this country. They have this raw or with juice and drinks. Different types of flavor are available. But only raw is famous there.
  • Oatmeal: This has eaten with peanut, honey and another ingredient. As it is a time-saving food item, this is preferable to Finnish people for breakfast. 

Who is Sara La Fountain?

To describe Sara La fountain, then It is needed to say about her a lot of talent. She is a finish lady who is a chef, book writer, TV personality and beautician as well as. even in each sector, she got success because of her hard work and restless practice. But here we love to present about her polish cooking career.

Her father was a restaurant owner and from her childhood, he was loved cooking. Often she visits her father’s place and got some curiosity about cooking. In childhood, her father teaches her few secrets of cooking. Later she was joining in her father’s restaurant in the cooking section.

In the mid of her career, she wrote a book about cooking named “Best first cookbook”. After enrolling the book in the market, it becomes too famous. Then even it got the Gourmand World Cookbook award which is a huge prestigious to her.

In her cooking career, she gains a lot of things. At 2006 the Malaysian prime minister invites her to a dinner party what is totally dedicated to her. Their prime minister introduces her all recipe to presenting people.

Now she is working also on TV as a presenter. But most of the time she looked there on the cooking program as chef or host.

“Aromatic Salmon Salad” A fountain’s present

This aromatic salad is invented by Sara. The main attraction of this salad is its good smell, in fact, the people who love salmon should appreciate this. she uses tomato, onion, salt, pepper, olive oil, and herbs.

First of all, it is important to make the salmon in the tiny piece. then Sara show for marinating the fish with salt, sugar, herbs and then keep it in a ziplock bag. After a night she bakes in in 400F. Be careful from overbaked. Then mix all other ingredients of salad with it.

Conclusion: People of Finland keeps their individualism from the genesis. That’s why they still do not make any major changes in their food habits. For that reason on their breakfast table, you will find a less number of Italian or Indian food items.

They have respect for their culture and food habits. But nowadays, people from different parts of the world visit there and promote non-Finnish food for business. Even tho it cannot make a huge change in their food habit.