What Does Teaberry Taste Like?

teaberryTeaberry— also known as “American wintergreen”, “checkerberry”, or “mountainberry”, is one of the most underrated plants that is packed with tons of healthy nutrition and the most unique flavor. For centuries, Native Americans had used this plant for various herbal remedies for medical purposes. Nowadays, teaberry is known for being one of the most distinctive flavored ice creams you can find. Some tea stores also sell dried teaberry as tea. So what does teaberry taste like? I know trying something totally new can be a bit scary. So before you eat teaberries, let’s learn about its taste, shall we?

What does teaberry taste like?

Surprise! Teaberry doesn’t taste anything like tea or berry if that is what you were wondering. The first time you put a single raw teaberry in your mouth, the taste is going to feel very peculiar. Although the name suggests that it’s a berry, there is no berry taste to it. You can taste some sweetness and an intense mint flavor, much stronger than the typical mint you taste that comes from the mint leaves. The exact minty flavor of teaberry feels like a mix between peppermint and spearmint with a subtle note of aniseed flavors.

As our taste buds have individuality, many people reportedly suggested that the tea of teaberry tastes like black licorice mixed. It has also been mentioned that, whether the fruit is raw or cooked, the minty flavor is just too strong and unpleasant. However, I find the taste of teaberry quite pleasing.

If you think Teaberry has a sweet-tart minty taste that resonates with the taste of mouthwash, that means the mouthwash you’re using has used teaberry in that. If your usual mouthwash feels a bit stronger than some mint candies, chances are there is teaberry extract in there. If you’re from the Baby Boomer generation, you might remember the taste of Clark’s teaberry gum which was very popular back in the ’60s and ’70s. If you loved that teaberry gum, you will love eating teaberries.

Summer is right around the corner and are you ready for that? What is one thing you can’t live without during summer? Is it ice cream? Well, good news if you love ice cream and even better news if you love teaberry because teaberry ice cream is one of the most delicious and refreshing ice creams out there. This eye-catching ice cream has a bright pink color that will give you a bubble gum flavor vibe. But as they say— looks can be deceiving.

So, you should know teaberry ice cream doesn’t have a bubble-gum sugariness. If you love your usual chocolate mint ice cream, you will find teaberry ice cream absolutely delectable. The ice cream has a vanilla base and teaberry extract is added as a flavor. This takes the color and taste of a simple vanilla ice cream to a whole new level.

Teaberry ice cream has such an assertive flavor! The best way to enjoy this taste is to have this ice cream in a cone or bowl without any sprinkles or other toppings. Just keep it nice and simple. If you’re lucky you may find teaberry flavor candy in gourmet candy shops or some teaberry pies in bakeries. So do you now intend to try this interesting flavor?

Does teaberry taste like Pepto Bismol?

Have you ever had Pepto Bismol when you had an upset stomach? I think we all did! It is a popular brand or medicine mostly popular for resolving stomach problems. Some of the people who have tasted teaberries claim that the fruit tastes like Pepto Bismol. Honestly, I think there is a vast difference between the taste of Pepto Bismol and teaberry. They don’t taste similar at all.

However, I do understand why people resonate with the taste of Pepto Bismol with teaberry. It is another pink substance that looks like it has bubble gum flavor but actually tastes minty. But the kind of minty flavor you taste in this medicine is totally different than what you get to taste in teaberries or any teaberry-flavored food (ice cream, pie, lemonade, tea, etc).

What is teaberry?

Teaberry (Gaultheria procumbens) is basically a small red fruit that grows mainly throughout the Eastern U.S. The teaberry plant has a thin, dark green stem. Before the fruit, the plant grows some beautiful clustered small white flowers. The leaves of the teaberry plant are pretty similar to mint leaves, but the color is much darker and has a waxy feel. The leaves have their own specialty. They are fermented and brewed to turn into medicine.

What is teaberry good for?

For centuries, Native Americans have been using teaberries for medicinal purposes. Long before people found teaberry tea’s medicinal value, Native Americans have been using this plant for various herbal remedies to cure cough, sore throat, stomach, and digestive problems. To this day, teaberry is still used for many ailments. You can make teaberry tea from the fruits or from the leaves, and both are effective for health benefits.

We all know how beneficial aspirin is, right? The active ingredient of teaberry oil is called wintergreen oil which is extracted from the leaves. It contains methyl salicylate. This compound is similar to aspirin. So it is assumed that Native Americans used the teaberry tea as aspirin and yes, it worked wonderfully!


To conclude, teaberry is not only good-tasting but also super healthy for you! Of course, it may taste weird to a few people, but I don’t think you will dislike the teaberry flavor of ice cream. That is extremely flavorsome and refreshing. If you love mint and slight sweetness, you won’t regret tasting teaberry ice cream. As for my fellow health-conscious friends, you can drink teaberry tea regularly to stay fit and have no digestive problems. So, if you live in the Eastern region (or any part of the world), now is your time to look for this unique fruit and taste it. Bon Appetit!