What Do The French Eat For Breakfast? Secret revealed

From the time of 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM people of France are considered as their breakfast time. Breakfast should be light, healthy and delicious there.

What Do The French Eat For Breakfast?

French people eat toast, sandwiches, cake, muffin and different types of puffs. Either coffee or juice they want after having breakfast.

On their food tradition people believe that, if the morning will start with unhappy food, it will make an impact on the whole day. Like their rich culture and tradition, they have flourishing breakfast items.

If your seat for breakfast with French people, they maybe treat you with bread as the common item.

Honey, jelly, butter or cream will be presented to you for eating bread. They even have eggs, pancakes, juice or another item on the same table.

Typical France breakfast

“Jam and bread have the perfect combination” worldwide this tradition it comes to France. Typically they have their breakfast in two different steps.

On the first step, they have a buttery roll, butter, jam, honey, flaky pastry or pancake. Sometimes they have egg, cold cuts or fast food time items. And the last step they want to drinks.

Most of the time they prefer fresh juice then coffee.

What is a typical breakfast in France?

Jam, jelly, butter or honey baguette or cracker, tea, coffee, juice, and pastries

what do the french eat for breakfast
French breakfast – Bread & tea

Traditional France breakfast

People of France are too much concern about health. Even they seeking well-tested food.

Traditionally their breakfast is designed with most of the bread item.

Eggs Benedict, different types of toast and others. But it actually true that they have different types of food which are not made with bread.

Omelette Florentine and Arugula Salad are these types of food. Often they also have pastry in breakfast.

What is quarter breakfast?

Historically the French quarter has any tradition. Even it has an impact on their food habit. Bread and cheese have possession there.

Beignets, brandy milk punch, and eggs Benedict is famous there. Your jubilant will increase with the taste of those. And as a suggestion that doesn’t forget to have their shrimp and grits, different types of burgers and pancakes.

French breakfast: Puffs, Muffin & Tea

  • Puffs: French puffs are famous for other people out of France. It is a sweet cake type of food which is prepared from flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, milk, and egg.

Different companies there who are produce puffs for people breakfast. Rather people can make it at home.

It contains a few amounts of fat, and fiber. As an early meal of the day, it is perfect where you will safe from cholesterol.

  • Muffins: After having a look, people started to think puffs and muffin are similar. But muffin is a bread item there puffs are a cake item.

Main especially is, muffin needs fruit jelly or other sweeteners to eat. Often muffin can be crispy which is favorite to children.

After put on from the oven all the muffin should be covered with nuts to increase its fragrance, flavor and food value.

  • Tea habit of French in breakfast: French people love both tea and coffee. Their desire teas are medium roasted. Black or green teas are relinquishment by French people. Rather they like milk with tea.

Even they like to have balanced sugar there. Not only in breakfast but also have all day long they seek for changed to have tea.

4 Things You Must Know About French toast breakfast…

This nation has a different way to have toast for their breakfast. Maybe this type of diversity only France has. Let’s walk to know this.

  • Stuffed French toast: toast is used for making this recipe. It needs cheese, sugar, fruit like mango or strawberry, butter and egg. This unique food is famous all around the world.
  • Toast Soufflé: This buttery tasted toast can draw anyone to the breakfast table. Butter, syrup, cheese, cinnamon, and egg is the basic ingredient. Toast Soufflé is available in all types of restaurant Paris.
  • Mexican French toast: it sounds like it comes from Mexico, but in reality, French people cook this in their own way. Cinnamon, vanilla, egg, toast are the important thing to make the toast.
  • Strawberry Cheesecake: Toasted pieces of bread are used to make Strawberry Cheesecake. It looks like a sandwich and there they use a cream that it makes with cheese, strawberry, egg, and sugar.
What Do The French Eat For Breakfast?
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Best 5 French breakfast recipes what you should eat

Often people talk similarly that they have been visiting France for a long day, but they were confused about what they should have. Here are the top 5 French breakfast.

  • Ham Crepes: in breakfast and dinner French people have this dish. Egg, milk, flour, and diced ham makes a healthy meal. In France this is expensive then toast.
  • Croques Meurice: your experience of having a sandwich will change after having Croques Meurice. This is known as cheese sandwich as well as. In each bite, you will have the clear Mind inebriate taste.
  • Ratatouille Toasts: At a busy day when you have less time to make a meal, Ratatouille Toasts can be your solution. Because of the vegetable, garlic clove what used there, it becomes healthy. This has eaten with egg.
  • Nicoise Burgers: Fresh vegetable, Tuna, and Capers are used to make the patty of Nicoise Burgers. After setting the burger it has to bake in the oven with sauce and cheese to increase the taste and fragrance.
  • Flaugnarde:  This is a traditional well-baked bread which is made with fruit, egg, sugar and other nutritious things. Different types of Flaugnarde are looks like pizza but it has its unique taste.

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Paris

Paris is a busy city where different types of breakfast food are available for different types of people.

Almost every type of restaurant is available there. if you expect a calm place and lovely food at a time then go to “Cafe Mimosa”.

But if you want lots of different types of food at a time then go to “Happy Cafe”.

All the variation of food at this place will make you confused. The “Cafe Antonia” has a homely environment and they have almost every type of traditional French food are available there.


You maybe wanted to know about their drinking habit at breakfast.

An interesting thing is, in France, only 16+ people are allowed to have wine. Even France is the second-largest wine producer country in the world. But most of the people there don’t like to have drinks wine at breakfast.

Similar to other countries, lunch and dinner is the main meal in French. But for breakfast, they have a loyalty to make it more jubilant. On the traditional word, it can make people’s day awesome.