Everything about Vegas bomb (With Recipe)

A small history of Vegas Bomb: There’s this saying – “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Let me introduce you to one of those essences of Vegas, also known as The Vegas Bomb.

Like many other drinks, the history of the vegas bomb shot is unclear. We can assume that its an experiment of some bartender to attract college students. Some even say college students made it.

Whatever the reason, it’s one of its kind. It became popular in Las Vegas ten ago. But if you have further information, feel free to share in the comment section. Together, we’ll solve the mystery of the Vegas Bomb.

People say that the name bomb comes from the nuclear tests in vegas in the ’50s. Though there are many drinks/shots named “bomb.” All of them provide a great punch. The basic of a bomb shot is they all have a shot glass. And the goal is to consume the alcohol as fast as possible due to the punch.

This is pretty hard in this genre. This shot is not only hard but also flavorful. It provides the same alcoholic punch as others combined with a great taste.

What is a Vegas Bomb?

Like the other bomb shots, the vegas bomb is famous for speed and punch. You want to get your party mood on, order a few of these demons. It packs a mighty kick with an excellent taste.

Like many other bomb shots that taste disgusting vegas bomb will make you want more. But, don’t let the pleasant taste deceive you; it’s jet fuel within. Give a few shots, and you’ll be dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

That is the same reason it has become the best choice of bartenders. Additionally, it takes just a minute or so to prepare. It is also best when the bar is busy as it takes only a minute to finish this juicy bomb shot.

Besides, due to the deceiving taste, people order Vegas Bomb more and more compared to the other bomb shots. Many even get past the advisable limit. You can say that the Vegas Bomb Shot is the definition of party fuel.

Vegas Bomb Recipe

You might be thinking about what the recipe for the Vegas Bomb Shot is. Don’t worry; I’m here for you soon, you’ll be making vegas shots like a professional bartender.


  • 15ml Malibu
  • 15ml Crown Royal Canadian whiskey
  • 10ml Peach Schnapps
  • Cranberry Juice 
  • Red Bull

Skills and Equipment:

You don’t need particular types of equipment for making a Vegas Bomb Shot. Additionally, only basic skills are necessary. As per the recipe, if you can drop a shot glass into another glass, you are ready to go. And for the equipment, you need a shot glass and a standard-sized drinking glass.

How to make:

  • Firstly, take a shot glass and fill it up with Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey and Malibu in equal amounts
  • Fill the glass almost to the brink with Peach Schnapps
  • Then, add a little splash of cranberry juice to the top
  • After that, take a standard-sized glass. Fill it half with Red bull
  • Finally, the shot glass in the Red bull filled glass
  • Voila, your shot is ready. Drink it as first as you can

Some variations of the Vegas Bomb Shot:

There are so many variations of the Vegas Bomb Shot. Some differ so much that they altogether make a different drink. Due to its popularity, there are are some crazy other beverages out there named the same. Many don’t even taste a bit like the original. The name Vegas Bomb Shot makes it easy to promote.

Some people drop the splash of cranberry juice. Others substitute Amaretto for the cranberry juice. Many claim that Amaretto produces the same taste. But I suggest you make your own decision. Schnapps for peach is not widely available.

You can also use other schnapps. A lot of recipes use butterscotch liquor, which is sweeter than the schnapps. In that case, you’ll lose the taste of the drink.

Coconut rum and butterscotch are also a popular variation. As it is sweet, and the punch remains intact. Other changes include using a different Canadian whiskey to Crown Royal, or any other whiskey for that matter.

Speaking of variations, that are too far from the original one, some bars serve Redbull and Crown. This shot is nothing like the Vegas Bomb Shot. As I have said earlier, the name is easy to promote its just capitalism.

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How popular Is the Vegas bomb shot?

Any bartender can tell you how famous this vegas bomb shot is. If you want to judge by the number of orders, Vegas Bomb wins as well.

Many movies have featured the vegas shot. The movie “The Hangover”- has a memorable scene- “Ooh, I’ve had too many Vegas bombs.”  There is even a romantic book series named “Vegas Bomb.” Though there, the term Vegas Bomb has an entirely different meaning. But not every shot come in movies or books are written on their name. You can guess now how popular it is.