Singapore Breakfast: The Ultimate Secret

There is a tale that the food habit of Singapore people and sauce have a deep relation with each other.

To find the answer, I was walking for 15 days with Singapore breakfast. It was an exciting experience to me that knowing about their breakfast habit.

People often wanted to know about this mixed food habit. Let’s read one by one until the rest of the Article for knowing about their breakfast habit.

The Ultimate Secret Of Singapore Breakfast

This nation does not only do gold business. Even they are foodies as well as. Moreover, besides this, they have some interesting food habit also. Things will describe below.

Traditional Singaporean food for breakfast

Singaporean people are really tasty food seeker. All the traditional food is not loved by them but also have glorification to other nation who are visiting Singapore.

From the cake item what they have to breakfast are carrot cake, hwee Kueh, and other sweet soft cake.

They also have soft egg what is omelet without break the yolk. Nasi Lemak and Lor Mee is the south Chinese breakfast item but those are taken as traditional Singaporean breakfast.

FAQ 1: What is a traditional Singapore breakfast time?

Answer: The breakfast time in Singapore is started at 7:30 AM. People there are have a very busy day. That’s why they have their breakfast in the break of work. before 9.00AM it is considered as breakfast hour.

FAQ 2: Is Singapore breakfast healthy? 

Answer: People of Singapore like to have a spicy breakfast. But most of the food has a proper combination of different types of nutrition. Chai Tow Kway, Roti John and Sayur Lodeh is the type of breakfast item which is made from a vegetable.

Besides those, there are different types of soup with noodles such as Mee Rebus, Mee Siam and Mee Soto.

Moreover, they have Min Jiang Kueh which is made with peanut butter. It is delicious and healthy also.

FAQ 3: Where can I eat early in the morning in Singapore?

Answer: If you visit your friend Singapore, then have your breakfast at your friend’s house to have a cordial environment. Or you can go to Iggy’s, The Tippling Club, CUT by Wolfgang Puck or Les Amis. Those are to the biggest and famous restaurant for breakfast.

FAQ 4: What is the main food in Singapore?

Answer: Bread, meat, and sauce are considered as the main food in Singapore. Even those people also love those food items.


List of 8 famous breakfast items in Singapore

  • Kaya toast: This is prepared with Kaya, coconut milk, pandan, and egg. It also has to cover with egg and butter. People of Singapore takes it is breakfast even as a snack.

    According to the price, Kaya Toast is the best food in Singapore as breakfast. in order to taste, and food value, none of the other food can reach the place of Kaya toast.
    In the Singaporean restaurant, you will have Kaya Toast in USD 1.5 which is enough for one.
  • Appam: Basically this is a famous south Indian pancake. But it is also famous in Singapore and Sri Lanka as well as. It is made with milk and fragmented rice butter.
  • Rice noodle roll: This Chinese Dish is too much popular in Singapore. As an ingredient, there are noodles, beef, shrimp, vegetable and other. This is good to eat and healthy also.
  • Chwee kueh: It is a street food there. Chwee kueh is a cake which is prepared with steamed rice. In the breakfast table, this is too much popular there.
  • Fishball: Different types of Fishball are famous in Singapore. Some item comes with sauce, some are a friend. Even some are with noodles. From genesis this a Chinese food.
  • Chai tow kway:  Reasoning to tasty food of breakfast chai tow kway is best. It actually a radish cake which is famous too in Indonesia and Malaysia as well as.

    Its medium sweetness will draw your mind to it. Well, processed radish and egg is the main thing to make this.
  • Yong Tau Foo: If you looking for the best healthy Singapore breakfast then you should have Yong Tau Foo. This is Malaysian food, where it has a good balance of food value.

Top 3 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Singapore

1. McDonalds Singapore breakfast: For snacks such as burger, French fry, chicken fry is famous in Singapore. They do not prepare traditional Singaporean food. Basically, they have western food. Tho they have to sell all the junk food, but they are famous in Singapore. A lot of storage of McDonald are available in Singapore.

2. Subway Singapore breakfast: This company is famous for the sandwich. This company makes a huge hype of sandwich in Singapore. A lot of types of sandwich they prepare as snacks. But as breakfast to the people of Singapore, it has an acceptance.

Especially on the busy day, people there don’t have enough time to prepare their early meal. On that time often they wanted to have home delivery from subway.

3. Burger King Singapore breakfast: All around the world, burger king has a good name for its different types of burger. In Singapore mostly all types of burger, especially beef burger are popular.

Even their salad, coffee, and pastry have a huge attraction to people of this country. For group meal, Singaporean people select the set menu or value food package which is prepared for more than one people.

On my journey, I notice they did not want to take the last piece of food from serving plate. It may be they consider as something unwanted. But one thing I like most that, they like to clean their own plate after having the meal.

I decide to adopt this interesting habit from them. It will save the time of those people who use to clean and cook in the kitchen. Even I think it is important to make an intimate with that person.

At the end of this session, I hope you have enough knowledge of Singapore breakfast. This country still is not stable in food. They depend on another country for food. If they can produce them all food, their breakfast maybe becomes more developed.