5 Ways: How To Reheat Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is one of those fried items that people love to eat and crave for them the juicy texture of inside and crispy bite of outside creates an amazing taste. But the extraordinary taste only lasts while it remains hot. No one likes cold chicken. 

There are many ways to reheat fried chicken. You can reheat fried chicken in oven/microwave/re-fry/air-fryer/toaster oven.

5 Best ways to reheat fried chicken

You have to make sure the flavour and quality of the chicken are not getting worse. Here I am showing you a few methods on how to reheat fried chicken and enjoy it again.

1. How to reheat fried chicken in an oven:

This method is the best way of reheating fried chicken. It ensures the meat stays moist, and the outside stays crispy.

First, make sure that your fried chicken is in normal temperature (room temperature). Set your oven to Broil. Make sure your oven is hot before you start to bake. Take a baking tray or plate and place a damp paper towel on it.

Now, put the cold fried chicken pieces on the tray. Cover the chicken with a damp paper sheet/towel again. Now, put that tray in the oven when the oven is slightly warm. Bake them for two minutes.

Now take out the chicken pieces from the oven. Remove them from the damp towel. Put the pieces on a baking tray. Set a grill rack in the middle and put the chicken tray on it. Bake them for a minute.

After a minute, take them out and flip them. Again bake them for a minute. This is the easiest way to reheat your chicken correctly.

2. How to reheat fried chicken in microwave-oven:

This method is also a good way to reheat your fried chicken. Preheat your microwave at 370 degrees. Make sure your chicken is at normal temperature. There are two different methods to reheat your fried chicken in the microwave.

The first method– Place your chicken in a baking sheet when the oven is preheating. You do not have to grease the sheet. Add a little amount of water. You can use one teaspoon of water, so the fried chicken doesn’t dry out.

Now set the baking sheet in the middle rack of the oven and bake it for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, check the chicken and flip them.

Check the chicken pieces frequently. Thicker pieces will take more time than other pieces. When they are crispy and warm all the way outside, take them out and enjoy.

The second method– Take a baking sheet and set an aluminium foil paper. Put the chicken pieces on it and spray water two times. Now wrap them with aluminium paper and bake for twenty minutes. 

3. How to reheat fried chicken by re-frying:

This is another way to get back crispness of the chicken.

Let your chicken get back the normal temperature. Take a pan and pour some oil. You are not deep-frying it. You are just reheating it to get back its crispness. Heat the oil.

When the oil is prepared to fry the chicken, put the gas in slow heat. Add the chicken fry and start frying. Check them frequently and cook them by flipping.

Fry about 3-5 minutes. Remove the fried chicken and drain them. When the extra oil is absorbed in the tissue, serve and enjoy your chicken. 

4. How to reheat fried chicken in the toaster oven:

Reheating fried chicken in a toaster oven is a very popular method. For crispness, it has microwave and oven technique — set aluminum foil paper in the baking sheet or toaster oven. Preheat your oven at 400 degrees F.

Make sure your chicken is at normal temperature. Take a plate and put the pieces of chicken pieces. Cover it with a paper towel.

In a microwave, bake it for two minutes. After two minutes, remove the chicken from the microwave and place them in the baking sheet of the toaster oven. Bake them for three minutes. Take them out from the toaster oven and serve.

5. How to reheat fried chicken by air-fryer:

You can reheat foods in air-fryer, and yes! You can reheat fried chicken too.

Let your chicken set in the room temperature. Put your chicken pieces inside the basket of air-fryer.

You are going to set your air fryer for 350 degrees, and the timer would be for five minutes. No oil is necessary. Don’t cook longer than five minutes. After five minutes, you can enjoy the perfectly crispy and hot fried chicken.

So, it is possible to reheat foods in air-fryer

how to reheat fried chicken
Fried Chicken

Some tips you need to follow when you are reheating your fried chicken:

  • When you are using a microwave, make sure you are adding water when you are reheating your chicken. Microwave always dry out the fried chicken.
  • Try to avoid toaster when it is possible. The toaster doesn’t reheat fried chicken evenly. Sometimes they make the hot chicken outside, but inside it became cold.
  • Don’t use a paper towel to cool down chicken pieces. They absorb the grease of chicken and make it dry.
  • Don’t reheat the chicken in skillet. It will not be able to reheat the chicken evenly, and it will dry out the chicken. Sometimes it can burn your chicken too.

Don’t let your fried chicken stay for few days. Try to finish your chicken the other day. You cannot get the same crispness of the fried chicken in the next day or third day. Try to eat your chicken when you buy them to eat. It is the only healthiest way to enjoy your meat.