Persian Breakfast : 7 Things You Need To Know

Iran is known as Persia all around the world. This nation has the oldest culture for food and art. If we say bread is one of old food then, the different types of bread. This mention about their affluent history.

People of this country have Fancy and standard food habits. Even they arrange a lot of delicious items for a breakfast meal and have a little bit of each item.

This actually draws foodie people to know about food life, especially breakfast. For those people, here in this article, we will feature all about Persian Breakfast.

The Ultimate Secret Of Persian Breakfast

Iranian people feel comfortable to have a meal at their home. Like the rest of the country of the world, there is a lot of restaurant for breakfast. But those restaurants have a homely environment. Both home and restaurant the bread, omelet, tea, Halim, and different type of jam have a majority in breakfast.

Persian Breakfasts
Barbari Breads – Persian Breakfasts

Famous and traditional Iranian bread

Poor to rich people have bread there as their main food. Lavash, Sangak, and Barbari is the main bread there.

  • Barbari bread:  Origin of Barbari bread is in Iran, and Barbari was the name of the person who invents the bread. Fresh Flour and the same other ingredient are used on to prepare the Barbari bread. It takes contiguity of Jelly or honey to eat Barbari bread.
  • Sangak bread: Maybe this is the largest type of flatbread from others. Sangak bread is made of wheat flour. It is important to ferment the flour Yeast for 12 hours. And rest they bake in on a special type oven.
  • Lavash bread: This is a flatbread which is made of flour, water, and salt. Often they put honey and another thing with it. To bake this bread they use Tandoor, which is a special type of stove. After proper bake, it will be soft and it serves with vegetable, meonis, and sauce.

The Secret of Persian Tea

The Iranian people are known as the Chai lover nation. Chai is a Persia word which meaning is Tea. From breakfast to dinner, after each meal, they want a cup of tea. And it should be without milk.

They don’t like to have regular blended tea. After blending the tea it should be brewed. Else regular tea leaves are not able to prepare a cup of fresh Persian tea. They add a minimum level of sugar in tea. But according to different taste few people add more sugar.

Nutritious and tasty Persian Haleem

All over the world, Haleem is a very known and popular soup. But its authentic origin is from Iran. People of them are love to have this on their breakfast.

Pulses and beef is the main element there. But as replacement of the meat, they often use either lamb or beef. The smell of Haleem is enough to make the heartwarming vibe in breakfast table.

The delicious Persian omelet

Persian omelet is one of the spicy breakfast what Iran people take. Different types of spice, tomato, and egg is the basic thing here. Olive oil or Soya bean oil is needed to make this food.

This food is not only famous in Iran, but also other countries started to have their omelet this way. People can have this recipe with bread. Even it is eatable without bread.

Traditional Persian kaleh pacheh soup

This is another most popular breakfast item in Iran. Lamb head, feed, onion, and garlic are the main things to make this soup. People also add some extra spice to increase the taste and smell. kaleh pacheh is not only tasty but also healthy. The different countries called it as Nehari or another thing else. They use to eat Lavash bread with kaleh pacheh soup.

FAQ: “Persian Breakfasts”

FAQ 1: What do people eat for breakfast in Iran?

Answer: People of Iran have bread, omelet or different type of soup to complete their breakfast. Still, those people adopt less number of food habits. That’s why all the food they eat at breakfast are almost their traditional. Even after over the breakfast the Tea they have, it also prepared by their own style.  

FAQ 2: What can be eaten with Sangak bread?

Answer: Basically, a sweet item like jam, honey or butter is eatable with Sangak bread. But other sour or sweet fruits can eat with Sangak bread. Such as Quince, Tomato, Cherry and other similar things. Even vegetable like cucumber, boiled potato or vegetable salad can have with this bread. Often people make a mixer of that food to eat with Sangak. It maybe sounds funny but helpful and good to eat.

FAQ 3: Is Sangak bread healthy?

Answer: Its spongy texture maybe draws the focus of people. But honestly, this food item is healthy and good for humanity. From taste, it is a little sour but it does not have fat. Its fiber is important to improve the physical condition of humans. 

Food habits of Persian people, especially breakfast attract other people from different Nations. This taste makes them habitual for those food habits nowadays. Sweet, sour and different tasted Persian Breakfast still won the heart of different people in the world.

It may have a Persian restaurant close to your area. But the warmness of the meal you cannot define properly if you don’t go to Iran. Because this seductive environment will make your food more enjoyable there.