What is Irish bacon? How to make it (with recipe)

Bacon is a thin slice of meat from the pork belly or backside. It contains less fat than the stomach. It can use as a side dish, or it can be eaten by its own. It is a salt-cured piece of meat.

There are various types of cuts for bacon. But usually, people cut bacon from pork backside. Irish bacon traditionally made from the reduction of the back of the pork.

What is Irish bacon?

Irish Bacon is a usual breakfast in Ireland. It is thicker than American bacon. This is not crispy like American streaky bacon. The fat surrounding the meat of Irish style gives it a particular taste. Irish typically cooked it.

Traditionally, Irish take their breakfast with pudding, eggs, and bacon. This breakfast is known as “Irish bacon” in some parts of the world.

Irish bacon can use omelets, sandwiches, pasta, salad, etc. This thin piece of meat is the best breakfast item with toast, eggs, waffles, pancakes.

Irish bacon
Bacon Rashers

FAQ 1: What is Irish Bacon made of?

Bacon rashers are made of salt-cured meat from the backside of pork. It is leaner than American bacon.

FAQ 2: What do they call bacon in Ireland?

In Ireland, people call bacon rashers. As we know, their bacon is from the back of pork. So, they used to call it rashers.

FAQ  3: Why do Irish call bacon rashers?

Irish call a thin slice of bacon rashers. Usually, bacon is thick than rashers.

FAQ 4:  What is the difference between bacon and Canadian bacon?

American bacon is heavily salt-cured and smoked. They made it crispy. Canadian bacon is salt-cured, but they do not smoke it.

Usually, in other countries, people use to cut bacon from the belly side of pork. Canadian bacon cut from the back of the pig. American bacon cut as thin strips but Canadian bacon is leaner and meatier than American bacon. This bacon is more like ham. 

Irish boiling bacon:

 As we know, Irish bacon is not crispy. They are from the meat of backside. Irish boiling bacon is the meat of backside or shoulder. This bacon is a different type of cut of regular bacon.

Frequently, Irish bacon cut like strip. But Boiling bacon is round-shaped. It is leaner than American style bacon, and it is cured, not smoked.

It is a traditional dish in Ireland. This dish is known as ‘Bacon and cabbage.’ Boiling bacon also used in many other dishes.

Irish black bacon: 

Irish black bacon is a traditional recipe of Ireland. They used to grill the bacon, give it the black color.

They do not smoke it or make it crispy. The meat stays soft after they cook it or fry it or bake it. 

How to make Irish bacon:

Bacon rashers made from the lean pork loin. Irish cut thin piece of meat instead of fatty meat from the belly. First, they cured pork meat. Then they cut it and cook it.

Recipe: Fried Irish cabbage with bacon
Cooking time: 25 min


  1. Bacon
  2. Cabbage 
  3. Pepper
  4. Bacon fat


  • Take cabbage and cut it as the way you like it. Wash it with gray water.
  • Now take a frying pan. Fry bacon fat and chopped cabbage from 7-8 minutes keep them aside.
  • Now fry bacon with salt and pepper.
  • Mix the bacon and cabbage.


One piece of bacon has

Calories: 27 kcal

Protein: 1.85g

Fat: 2.09g

Carbs: 0.07g

To learn the proper way of “bacon rashers” Follow this Video-

Bacon is the best choice for breakfast. It is a traditional dish in Ireland. Irish people use many types of recipe with bacon in their breakfast.

Irish bacon is not as crispy as American bacon. Irish people use to cook their bacon grill or boiled. They do not smoke their bacon.

They like a soft piece of meat. But Irish use bacon in lots of recipes. Many of their traditional recipes contain bacon. Everyone should know about this.