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Blackstone 28 griddle review [The Complete Guide]

You’re looking for something that’ll hold up in the kitchen.

The Blackstone 28 Grill is perfect for your next backyard barbecue. It offers restaurant-style cooking with two powerful burners, so you can cook large meals for the whole family without having to sacrifice cooking space or flavor.

With its unique griddle-style design, this grill brings a new level of creativity to your cooking experience.

A flat-top grill like this one makes it possible to get all of the meat juices and drippings while still letting you sear some nicely browned pieces on the other side without getting them too charred!

After doing extensive research, we found that the Blackstone 28 is not a good option for those looking to grill on the deck. The grill is best for backyards with limited space and nowhere to store anything at all.

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The Blackstone 28 is a great option for the beach or going camping with a small car, but keep in mind that it is not a large enough grill to accommodate more than one person at a time.

But if you want a low priced grill then this model from Blackstone looks good on paper and will give you what you need for your backyard or picnics on the beach.

Design and Construction :

Blackstone’s griddle is made of 18 gauge galvanized steel that is finished in a powder coat finish. The griddle top and the legs are removable to allow for easy transport and storage.

The Blackstone griddle features two concentric stainless steel burners at either end of the griddle, giving it a total of four burners. Around the perimeter, the burners are protected by a stainless-steel shield.

The control knobs are located on the front of the griddle and are labeled with low, medium, and high.

User-Friendly Features :

The Blackstone Griddle features four heavy duty casters that make it easy for anyone to move around their yard or campsite.

The griddle also has foldable legs on each corner to make it even easier to move the griddle top around without having to worry about damaging any surface or ruining your yard.

The legs can be adjusted to any height so you can place the griddle on any size surface. On the very bottom of the griddle is an adjustable wheel assembly that allows you to move the grill without having to carry it.

The wheel assembly is preset at the factory, but it is easily adjusted by pulling out one of the adjustment knobs on each wheel until it meets your desired height, then turning each of the adjustment knobs 90 degrees

Mobility :

The Blackstone griddle is mobile because of its size, four wheels, and adjustable legs. It can easily be transported at any time by simply pulling it to wherever you would like to take it.

If it becomes too much to deal with by yourself then the wheels are an optional accessory that can be added to the bottom of the griddle.

Appearance and Physical Characteristics :

The Blackstone griddle is a large flat surface where you can cook food and meats. When the griddle is set up it looks like a flat rectangular metal box.

The box is rectangular meaning that it has slats for you to put your food on, It can cook four different types of food at once.

The surface of the grill is flat so you don’t have to worry about how it will look in your yard. The Blackstone griddle weighs around 75 pounds.

Safety Features :

The Blackstone Griddle features a safety lock on the left side. The safety lock is a plastic handle that you pull up to open the lid.

If you pull down, it will close the lid and make sure everything stays in place while cooking. The lid can be opened to add food or check if food is ready to take off of the grill.

The Blackstone griddle has a total of four burners with two on each side, totaling 30,000 BTUs per half hour.

Cooking Performance :

The Blackstone Griddle is a gas griddle and it cooks food the same way as a gas grill. You can use the four burners on each side to cook food.

Some people like to put their food directly on the griddle and cook it there instead of putting it on a grill. The griddle has two wire handles so you can lift the griddle with ease without leaving your hands dirty.

Cleaning and Care of the Griddle :

The Blackstone Griddle has a nonstick surface, so food does not stick to the griddle. You can also scrape off anything that is stuck there with a spatula or another utensil. For an extra layer of protection against scratching, you can use any metal scraper.

The Blackstone griddle should be cleaned after each use using warm water and soap. There are vents located on the bottom of the griddle next to each burner where grease can exit from the grill for easy cleanup purposes.

Durability and Warranty:

Do not worry about any damage that is caused by the griddle. The Blackstone Griddle has a 90-day warranty backed by a North Atlantic Imports LLC that is owned by BLACKSTONE. This is just for the griddle itself, not the legs or casters.

When you send it in for repairs they will replace anything that needs to be replaced with new parts. You can contact them with questions or concerns at any time.


- Heavy cooking surface
- Easy to clean
- Large cooking surface
- Side fit and finish features not too sturdy

- No lid for the drip tray
- Drip tray allows drippings to "roll under" the overhang and miss the drip tray, would be nice if it were a bit more mobile for tailgating, etc.

Over all: great product

Final thoughts on Blackstone 28 Griddle review:

In conclusion of the Blackstone 28 Griddle review, we can say that this grill is very interesting because it’s quite large and at the same time really easy to move. If you want to quickly cook some meat or fish then you can easily move it into your yard or somewhere else. The only disadvantage of Blackstone 28″ Griddle is that it doesn’t have a lid to keep in heat and moisture. But if you want to use this product for cooking pizza, burgers, steak, hotdogs, fish, etc.