7 Best English Breakfast Tea : Benefits & Side Effects

Our England tour was awesome because of different types of tea. The variation and fragrance make a different one to another cup of tea. Our meal was delighted to have their Best English breakfast tea there.

The English people have a beauty that they start their morning with a cup of tea. It is known as the bed tea worldwide.

It maybe sounds “English breakfast tea,” but the reality is people from there are like to have this tea at any time. Perhaps without the bed tea, they cannot accept their other task of the day easily.

How to make English breakfast tea properly

You may be thing making tea will be a hassle while you want to read the newspaper. On the other hand, People expect a morning with a newspaper and a cup of tea.

But trust me, make English breakfast tea is not a burden like this. You just need warm water, well-blended English tea leaf, and sugar. And rest of the time you need milk as well as.

First of all, you need to boil the water properly. Then put it down from stove and keep it cold for a little. But beware that, to lose its warmness a lot.

Then finally put some well blended English tea leaf. After adding tea leaf with the water, don’t try to heat it again. Finally, serve the tea in a cup. Mixed some sugar and milk as well as.

List of 7 Best English breakfast tea

  • Tazo English Breakfast Tea: This Tazo Tea is a bracing drink what people can have all day long. it has a very strong essence which can make your morning more energetic.
  • Taylors of Harrogate English Breakfast Tea: In the UK Taylors of Harrogate is the most popular tea company. This company has a lot of variation of tea between white, green and herbal items. This is also considered as English tea.
  • Bigelow English breakfast tea: To prepare iced tea people are used to having Bigelow tea. The level of caffeine is which are used in Bigelow English breakfast tea is pretty bigger than other tea. That’s why this tea can reduce tiredness instantly and people who like this, are always like this.
  • Twining’s English Breakfast Tea: In UK consumers are import this tea leaf from different part of the world. Like as Assam, Ceylon, and Kenya. As it is well-blended tea this has a very common balance in its flavor and taste all the time long.
  • Harney & Sons English Breakfast Tea:  Those leave which are perfectly loosing from tea tree, are the main ingredient of Harney & Sons tea. From the taste, it is totally different from other brand and will give you the perfect pleasure of tea.
  • Stash English Breakfast Tea: Main feature of Stash tea is, it contains a lot amount of caffeine. And that’s why it will never make hamper on your sleep even if you take this at your sleep.
  • Ahmad English Breakfast Tea: When there is a deficiency of organic food, the Ahmad tea is beside it. This is totally organic and well-blended tea. There is a difference in its taste and fragrance as well as.

5 Benefits of English Breakfast Tea

  • English breakfast tea is the most hygienic body detox. It reduces toxin from the human body.
  • Level of cholesterol can decrease after having tea regularly.
  • People who are worried about their weight should take tea regularly.
  • For reduce stress instantly, their tea has no alternative.
  • Regular tea habit can make you safe from cancer and improve your concentration.

5 Side Effects of English Breakfast Tea

  • Because of tea contain a little amount of caffeine, it can be added easily.
  • When sleep is important, their tea is used to kills your sleep. Even after having tea for a long time at the time of sleep, it can kill your mental pleasure.
  • Often tea is used to release Anxiety hormone. That will make you stress for a long time.
  • During the pregnancy, people should avoid tea. Rather it can be the reason for early miscarriage of mother.
  • This is too common that too much tea is a threat to a cardiovascular problem.

How Much Caffeine in English breakfast tea?

Around the world, wide caffeine is known as an intoxicating. Interestingly the tea contains a little amount of caffeine. Moreover, this is not harmful to human. Even English breakfast tea contains caffeine. In average per 8 ounces of English, tea contains 55mg caffeine. At the same amount of coffee, there is 110mg caffeine averagely.

How to present English breakfast tea

People from different nationalities are expected this tea in the evening or morning. But most of them have a fixed complain that the taste of the tea has been changed while they make it. Here will be your answer.

First of all, I want to make you clear that, the normal tea leaf and English breakfast tea leaf have a lot of inconsistency. Moreover, the English breakfast tea leaf is available in the market. Otherwise, regular tea is not able to give you the perfect taste of English tea.

The making tea will complete while you put and mix the milk. But serving and have the tea is the least. Serve with a saucer and some cookies. Besides the wind flow or during the sunset this little arrangement can make your time more delighted.


At the current time, the English breakfast tea is not only used to spread out its smell in English. Rather people from other nations easily accept this. Moreover, there are different people who like to have this tea in their own style.

Tea is not only a drink. It is classical practice as well as.

The different way exists here to prepare and present tea. Few of them seductive but there few items which are awaked too. All will present later. Till then keep a healthy foodie life and follow us.