The Secrets of Belgian Breakfast 2020

Breakfast or any meal table of Belgium looks like a paradise for Potato lovers. None other nation in the world has that much variety potato-food as Belgium people have. Besides that, they have grey shrimp, leeks, meat, and other things. To make their meal more delicious they have cheese or butter with it and their traditional beer.

What Do The Belgians People  Eat For Breakfast? Belgian breakfast is very light. they typically eat bread and cheese, BBB,  cream cheese,  jam, honey & Nutella. 

Belgian people do not take a long time for breakfast. They keep it minimalistic, mild and savory. Tourists when visiting them they become distracted about what should they have in breakfast and where should they have. Stay reading to have all the answers.

Best Tips & Ideas For Belgian Breakfast

The breakfast food menu does not affect heavy food like another part of the world. They have Fruity Yogurt, spicy toast, Liège Waffles, Greek Yogurt Waffles and different types of cake.

Their breakfast is the only meal there, what they have with their family. Often they have Apricot Sauce and yogurt to make the meal more delicious. They also have bread make food which is known as BBB (Belgian Breakfast Brioche). It is none but Brioche with a tender crumb, butter and white part of the egg.

What is a typical Belgian breakfast?

Different types of fries, roast, soup, and drinks are part of Belgian breakfast typically. There are mainly two types of potato fry like Belgian fry and French fry.

Besides this, they have steak tartare, gratin with chicory, blood sausage and mussels which they have to eat with potato. That potato is an undeniable part of their early meal. Soup has a huge acceptance. 

Waterzooi, Onion Soup, Carbonade flamandeor stoofvlees, and other soupy food are the part of the typical Belgian breakfast list.

The famous Belgian Sausage recipe

People who never eat the Belgian sausages they cannot define it. They have so many types of sausage. From those precooked and mild flavor sausage is famous there. Interestingly they use potato on their sausage.

Besides potato, it needs mead, butter, spices, and cheese. During the time of baking according to the flavor they want, they give local beer to increase the taste.

Belgian Drinks: What do they drink in Belgium for Breakfast?

Who doesn’t know about Belgian beer, when it is the world-famous? This is the permitted and national alcoholic beverage there.

Besides beer, people are also like jenever. Only jenever has more than 10 flavours like berry, apple, vanilla, chocolate, and others. Even they have tea and juice after a meal like another country.

Belgians Breakfast
Belgian Breakfast

Snack: What kinds of snacks do Belgian people commonly eat?

People have two snacks generally in two days. One is after 2 hours of breakfast. This is not a mandatory food for them. French fry, potato curry, Moules marinieres and various types of soup are those snacks.

They also have many types of pastry, cake on this list. Mainly those snacks are not designed with too heavy food. But they keep it healthy.

Top 6 Belgian food item what people have traditionally

  • Mussel: Among all the see food Mussels are the most used item in Belgian. They cook it with soup and available at the home and all the restaurants.
  • Waterzooi: in order to soupy, delicious and healthy food Waterzooi is unbeatable. Egg, fish, and vegetables are the main elements here.
  • Rijstevlaai: On a different country, it is known as rice pudding. Milk, rice, egg, and sugar are needed to cook this. Because it is a sweet dish, people often consider dessert.
  • Oliebol: It is a bread type of food that Belgian people have on their breakfast and dinner. Egg, sultana, currant, milk and baking powder are important things here. But according to people’s expectations, they can add sugar and yeast.
  • Mitraillette: This is pretty close to burger and children are like it most. Bread, potato fry, meat, sauce, and vegetables are needed to process Mitraillette.
  • Stoemp: In Belgian food table Stoemp is one of the most common food. Leek, potato, butter, milk, and pepper have boiled together. Then crush it properly and have it with bread.

10 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Brussels

  • Kaffabar: one of the famous coffee and drinks bar in Belgian at Bruxelles. Various types of coffee, espresso, chocolate drinks, and ice cream are available. Besides coffee, they also serve light breakfast item.
  • Icones Restaurant: people who love to eat in sultry nature, must love the place. Traditional Belgian all types of breakfast items like Belgian, fusion, European, French and others are available. Besides breakfast there they also server all other regular meal.
  • Boulangerie Charli: Maybe they sell the best almond croissant in the Belgian. Nice environment and amazing service make the place unique.
  • The Twelve: both indoor and outdoor service are available. It is known as the paradise of vegetarian people. Available meal to Breakfast to others.
  • Greenway: People who love western food are must the greenway restaurant. Different types of burger, hotdog and fast food are the main attraction of them.
  • Berlaymont Café: a perfect place to celebrate special days. All types of beer, drinks and other meals are available.
  • Midtown Grill: For chicken lover people Midtown Grill is a huge place. Different types of Roasted, grill and fried chicken are the main menus here. Even other food what is made of chicken, you will find there.
  • L’aubette: People who want to have a vegetable meal in the city of Brussels, he should visit L’aubette. Breakfast to dinner all type of meal will available there. but all of those are made of vegetable.
  • Peck 47: It is a multi-cultural café, where you will found all type of local dishes. Even it is both vegetarian and meat lover friendly. You will in love with its unbuttoned environment.
  • EXKi Agora: this restaurant is for those types of people who love fast food. Different types of burger, fast food item and juice are the main attraction of there.


In breakfast to dinner where you will have a lot of potato items. But never call them French fry. Because people of Belgian have individualism to their food habit where French fry is a French item. But the way Belgian people will treat you potato in breakfast is totally unique. Even they dearly don’t like to dissipation of food. Moreover, all the Belgian breakfast menu of this nation have appreciation. Hope that’s why your Belgian tour will be a sweet experience in your life.