I am Fellani. I am a food lover and cook. Cooking is my passion. I love cooking and knowing about new stuff.

Most of my life I cooked for me, my family, and friends. I like to serve the usual meals in a different style. Always want to do something creative. I started cooking when I was a kid. Most of the time, I spent my day with my mom in the kitchen and try to learn something. At the first stage of my cooking, I messed up things for my creations. Then after a few months, I was completely confident to serve any dishes of mine.

My family always supported me for my passion. People always praised my cooking style and foods. So, I was more confident to stick up with my cooking. It is really fun when you cook something and people love it. I always tried to keep my meal healthy and organic.
It’s really important to eat healthily. Healthy foods don’t taste bad or pale. You can make your healthy food delicious and enjoyable. It’s all about your cooking style.

I have my parents and grandparents with me. For this reason, I have to cook healthy to take care of them and myself. It’s more like a challenge to cook something healthy and delicious at the same time.

Well, first it took me a few days to figure it out then finally I made it. I figure out all the recipes and combinations of foods.
One day my friend suggests ‘Why I didn’t open up a blog of my own? ‘ I thought about it that it may be the best way to share my hacks, styles, knowledge, recipes about foods. Then I started up this blog.
I want to share all my knowledge about cooking. I studied a lot about the USA and its local food. I must have to say that every area and its local food culture are amazing. All of their culture about their breakfast, lunch, and dinner is amazing. They also have traditional foods and recipes.

I try to keep my dish simple and nutritious. Making food is all about love and affection. As a home cook, I can use anything to make food delicious. I can find a cheap way or a substitute for my food. I also know how to use frozen food or leftovers again.

I open this blog to help out all those home cooks who love to cook and try to know different styles. Each meal of a day is important. So, knowing more about your passion and build up your skill is fun. I am not a very professional person. But I would love to help you with my knowledge.

Please do follow my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also email me. If you have any questions about my blog or you want to know something about cooking you can contact me. I will try to help you as fast as possible. Be sure to read every detail.